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In 2006, when I launched Paris Charms & Secrets, I wanted to create expérience intime et offer only the best Paris.


One day, while sitting in a Eurostar between London and Paris, I had this idea to have the city of Paris visited on two wheels. I then quit my job as a Trader and jumped into the adventure. I already had a passion for History, but I used 4 years to do some research, and I spent a lot of time in the National Archives in Paris. I had the amazing opportunity to be able to work hand-in-hand with some of the greatest historians on one subject I was particularly interested about: the mistakes in History of Paris.


Many anecdotes told in our Paris Charms & Secrets tours are the fruits of this work. Also this work, has been, and is still, day after day, enriched by my researches and by those of every person working at Paris Charms & Secrets.


And why did I choose the electric bike ? Because after many trials and discussions, it was obviously the best choice. The electric bike is not about marketing, it is the only way to do more than 20km with no effort. And this allows everyone, no matter his fitness or age to fully appreciate our tours.


We first started with twenty bikes, and now, thanks to our clients and the hard work of every one working at Paris Charms & Secrets, we now have close to 200 bikes! But apart from this, not a lot has changed, we continue to work as hard as we did on every detail. If my mother came on one of our tour, I would do it the exact same way...


Olivier Marie-Antoine

Founder and Manager




Our clients are always more and more to comment and rate their experience with Paris Charms & Secrets on TripAdvisor's website.

We thank them warmly.

Thanks to all our visitors, Paris Charms & Secrets was awarded TripAdvisor's certificate of excellence for the last six years in a row: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017. TripAdvisor's certificate of excellence is awarded to the 10% best activities worldwide.

The greatest international medias (newspapers, magazines, guidebooks, television news, ...) wrote numerous articles in glowing terms about our tours.



Departing from the Place Vendome and humming along on an electric bicycle, you'll be regaled with anecdotes from the English-speaking guides as you encounter the eerie glow of the St.-Sulpice church, the radiant crystalline beauty of the Louvre pyramids and the gliterring gold dome of Napoleon's tomb.



October 2013


Numerous companies and groups already trusted Paris Charms & Secrets. We have worked with companies such as Air France, the SNCF, EDF, Thalès, Dassault, Véolia, Carrefour, GDF Suez, Total, TF1, Abbvie, etc...

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