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What is Paris Charms & Secrets ?

Paris Charms & Secrets is a 4 hour journey into the heart of Paris. You will not only witness the splendor of the grand and famous sights, from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, but you will also discover the most beautiful hidden and mysterious places, that few ever heard of. We will walk inside to hear the untold stories of this unique city and be inspired as history comes alive.


A guided tour ? Oh no! You will not learn that Napoléon has had the Arch of Triomph built and that the Eiffel tower is 300 meters high…


Imagine yourself entering the soul of the monuments. That you are, at every stop, taking part of a movie. You are not only a visitor, you are plunged into the past, just as if a magic carpet was taking you, not only in front of the great monuments, but also inside some secret places, once famous, but unknown today even by many Parisians…


Yes, it is possible, it even has a name :  Paris Charms & Secrets !

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