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Paris   Charms   &   Secrets

The unknown faces of the famous monuments

The famous monuments,


why ?


T’he soul of Paris, it is its history. But it is huge and it would take weeks, years, maybe an entire life reading all the books and going through all the documents. This is the reason why, for a longtime, guides only told some minor stories. 


Yet, these cannot be sufficient for the famous monuments, that are actually the most unknown. If we take one that comes up regularly in the news, the Elysée Palace (where our president works), we would surprize many people remembering it used to  a gambling house after being the residence of the Empress Joséphine. Notre-Dame de Paris or the Invalides hold entire chapters of personnal stories, strange or dramatic, those would still be hidden somewhere in some books without the research made by Paris Charms & Secrets.


Everyone think they know everything about the Eiffel tower, but did you know she had a younger sister ?

People say pieces of art are priceless ? Could you imagine that there is a criminal link between Al Capone and the Eiffel Tower ? You might be thinking, reading those lines, that these are only anecdotes... But yet, they captured, through making the first page of every newspaper, the attention of every single French person. After this event, Paris will be shrouded in mystery and it will awaken every Parisian's curiosity. Next is an amazing story.


At Paris Charms & Secrets, the monuments come alive thanks to the stories of the people who lived there. The Notre-Dame Cathedral, stones are not telling any stories, it is the hunchback, the story of the people that came by. At the Louvre, some would point out a few architectural details only but we would rather talk as well about the writer that created the greatest scandal.


If reading these few lines already aroused your curiosity, let yourself go on to the next chapter, this is just the start of a journey...

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