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The secret places,


why ?


In about a thousand years, the whims of fashion, the financial interest or that the politics have made famous numerous places but some have also sometimes got forgotten.

It is rather hidden than remembered that the big Saint-Sulpice Church once was... a hay loft. Some very busy places like a pagoda, an isba, a brothel just faded into oblivion.


Even to Parisisans, some streets, some doors appear very ordinary... People just walk by without knowing that behind those, here and there, dramas occured, sometimes tragedies or even some comedies. That in front of this wall a well-know poet tried to commit suicide, that this very common bank entrance gives you access to a technology masterpiece. Not so long ago, people used to rush into this chapel, not so long ago, a crazy love has had this exotic construction grow in the heart of the capital city…

There are hundreds of places and stories that make the soul of Paris.


Paris Charms & Secrets chose the most exquisite for you.

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